The Yes/No buttons on "The allow anonymous usage reporting" do not work

I kept clicking and nothing I can’t get rid of it it’s blocking my way preventing me from doing anything

hope it gets fixed, it’s my first time using this project and I’m having a problem already

Suggest you check javascript console for errors, usually it’s due to some browser plugins.

He comes from SyncTrayzor (see, so that would be the built-in SyncTrayzor browser.

Can you interact with UI at all, or are the buttons the only thing not working? If the UI itself seems unresponsive, you may want to try disabling hardware acceleration in SyncTrayzor’s settings, and then see if there is any difference.

If disabling hardware acceleration does help, then I would suggest checking your graphics drivers. If they are either old or you’re using the Microsoft-provided ones, then you may want to try updating them to a newer version provided by the hardware manufacturer instead.

Good suggestions. I’ve never had a case (that I can remember) where the UI was visible but unresponsive – if something’s gone wrong with the rendering, it’s normally just a completely white screen.

Try opening the Syncthing web interface in a browser (see the Syncthing menu item). Chrome would be ideal, as that’s what the embedded browser uses.

You can also attach Chrome to SyncTrayzor: open http://localhost:2004 and click the link. That gives you a console you can check for JS errors.

I’ve had such cases in regular browsers after a graphics driver crash and recovery, hence the suggestion :wink:. No idea whether this is the culprit here, or maybe something completely different.

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