The tilde character (~) can be used as a shortcut for /home/...

N.B. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. …

As a new user I ran into a snag when I tried to set a new default folder using “~” + "my/new/dir/name

the UI tells me that "The tilde character (~) can be used as a shortcut for /home/username" BUT it turns out it means that literally and that the trailing forward slash “/” is not included. So when I used ~ I got “/home/usernamemy/new/dir/name” and not “/home/username/my/new/dir/name” as I had expected.

Is leaving off the trailing ‘/’ the desired behavior of ‘~’? and if so perhaps the tip might warn the user?

As a less than 1337 user (and a dyslexic to boot) I needed help to find the problem and having looked here and found that previous permisions problems had been directed to their OS I headed to Debian/Freedombox forum and I got help tracking down the problem there.

Now I know what to look for I’ll be more careful.

And thanks for the top notch thing that is Syncthing

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Where, how did you enter this tilde? In the GUI in my browser it gets auto completed so that it’s visible what happens. In the config a leading tilde without slash doesn’t get replaced, so ~foo is taken to mean a literal directory named ~foo relative to where Syncthing is started.

(This is all intended to mimic the behavior of shells, where ~/foo would be foo in your home directory, but ~foo is either the home directory of the foo user or ~foo literally, depending…)

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