The Syncthing foundation stands for peace and with Ukraine

To make that point publicly:
The foundations action and this thread are here to support the Ukrainian people suffering under a vile invasion by the Russian regime, and in extensions to support peace everywhere. It is not here to discuss neutrality, various other actions or misjustices happening (or not) anywhere - even assuming good faith on part of all posters.
That being said: If you want to post something constructive here, please do so. Just don’t start tangential discussions, I’ll delete any such posts outright.


Allow me to summarize, that is " no discussion would be welcome here other than condemning Russia and supporting Ukraine, and this is not a place for free speech "


That more or less sums it up for me, yes.

Oh and inb4 “Syncthing foundation is against free speech”, you can say what you want - we just don’t have to host it on our platform for you.


This topic is now in the Announce category which has a slightly higher threshold for participation (TL1 to reply, since forever).


While I personally think that having a buffer between NATO and Russia would reduce the chance of future problems, those blaming NATO for Ukraine should ask themselves why is it so easy for NATO to expand. I mean, why are countries willing to give up some military freedom, have to rebuild their forces, and risk being dragged into wars that don’t affect them directly?

This is a “chicken and egg” problem. Russia’s behaviour pushes countries towards NATO » that makes Russia do something stupid like the invasion of Ukraine » more countries want to join NATO » and so on.

Blame “evil America” all you want, but NATO expansion can be easily stopped if one stops giving people reasons to join. It doesn’t take much to understand that not recognising established countries or dreaming about old empires (like Mr Putin did just before the invasion) has the opposite effect.

Regarding this donation, it helps people being affected be the war. I fail to see how that’s a bad thing, so good job!