The Syncthing foundation stands for peace and with Ukraine

That’s your belief and you’re free to have it. The venue is however ours and we’ll promote our political stance – in this case that a pointless war of nationalist aggression is bad; previously that racism is bad – as we like.


It’s a big, big shame that this war happens in the 21st century in the mid of Europe. Shame on you, Mr. Putin!


I do not believe that choosing to murder men, women and children in order to advance one’s political power is appropriate in any venue and should therefore be condemned in any and every venue.

If it were a hurricane or earthquake that killed thousands of people, would you object to fundraising and support for the victims? How is standing with the victims of not just an act-of-god, but a deliberate choice worse?

Condemning murder shouldn’t be political or controversial.


You are not reasoning well. You are comparing natural disasters with belic/political actions.

If you want to compare, compare the Iraq war or Syria’s bombing or Lybia’s invasion all perpetrated by US/OTAN. I haven’t seen any “revolutions” or “fundrisings” when those took place. You simply didn’t care at all.


You didn’t look; there were a lot. Not necessarily here, but in other places. As always not everyone can act on everything - we all react more to things that are closer to us, geographically or emotionally. For Europeans this happens to be both so you see stronger reactions than you do for disasters and atrocities further away. And there’s certainly an element of racism to it as well, implicit or explicit.

None of that makes it less of a worthy cause though.


The Iraq war? The war where I had a bumper sticker on my car with the latest estimates of civilian casualties? The war that had the largest antiwar protests in history around the world including in the US?

Also you wanted the Syncthing Foundation… which didn’t exist yet and wouldn’t exist for several years after the invasion to make a statement on the Iraq War? Clearly you’re just a troll.


So far your argumentation boils down to whataboutism and “but Russia felt threatened by Nato”. The last point is laughable at best as Russia has around 6k nuklear warheads. Nobody would want to risk WW3. So all in all a very pathetic attempt to justify what is happening to the people in Ukraine.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate to lock the comments at this point?

Nothing good is going to come out from this, and if someone does feel like having a political discussion, there are millions of venues to do it in the Internet. If you don’t agree with Syncthing supporting a particular cause, the solution is simple, i.e. do not donate money to the Syncthing Foundation :wink:.

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Yeah… Let’s just recommend to keep it constructive or follow Tomasz’s advise above for now.


If you wish to be politically-neutral, then, either keep silence (aka no politics), or be pratically neurtal (i.e. help both sides, e.g. ukranian red cross and donbass refugees), or be prepared, that somebody has opposite opinion (supported, of course, “by facts”, but from different sources).

IMHO, “no politics” is the best practice.


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I only see the promotion of humanity and empathy in this venue.


For a short moment leaving aside the suffering. Think about the meaning and idea behind it:

  • A missile takes only a few minutes to fly from St. Petersburg to Berlin or vice versa. This is nothing new after the fall of the iron curtain, St. Petersburg was Russian territory ever since WW2, the distance stays the same. So is this more threatening today?
  • A missile takes a little less to fly from St. Peterburg to Warsaw or vice versa. Two minutes less, an enormous increase in thread? Does it make any difference to be eradicated two minutes later?
  • A missile of Russian, US or Chinese origin is able to reach any place on this planet of strategic value. This is also not an invention of the fall of the iron curtain, it is not more or less threatening today than it was 30 years ago.

So an increase in thread is not the reason for attack, is it? So, what is it then?

  • A country without nuclear weapons is about to attack the country with the world wide most nuclear weapons? Are they tired of life, or what?
  • The biggest country in area is afraid of a country of much smaller area and a population of 1/6th? Since when are the Russians wimps?
  • And because you are feeling threatened you’re gonna attack first? Does it make you militarily stronger or gives you some other means of a better chance of winning? Probably not, right?

=> All above arguments are plain BS!

So, what then is the reason? The men in the Kreml are not stupid. So, what they are doing must make some sense, follow some logic (could even be some weird logic). And you can estimate from more or less sense if an argument is valid or just pretended. So, the question to answer is, what would make most sense?
And what makes most sense in what we learned from the past is this: Resurrect as far as possible the old USSR, the Empire of the Zar or some kind of mixture of it. This way the wars of the young past and today, Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine, etc. make “sense”. They follow in fact a common scheme: Surround with satellite states.
But the shock in it is, that it’s directed backwards. There’s no new, future planing, it’s completely ancient. It’s not 21st century, it’s like acting and thinking 100 or 200 years ago. And this makes me dumbfounded. Size does no longer matter, look at Japan, South-Korea, Taiwan. Small in size and population, but large in importance. Machines, automobiles, mobile phones, chip industry, etc. And having states acting as a buffer between “me” and “them” is also an obsolete idea of the past, considering above mentioned time to fly for a missile. Ukraine could have been an excellent candidate to intermediate between “the West” and Russia. This would have been a brilliant perspective for a future for every nation involved. But now war has poisoned anything.


If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor . If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

Desmond Tutu 1931


I think that the actions of the Russian government should be condemned, along with every other violence in the world.

This forum is obviously not the right platform for a debating about the complex and nuanced Ukraine situation, but I believe that mention of the victims falling under responsibility of the Ukrainian government in the past 8 years in the Donbass region along those of the Russian invasion would be fair.


To make that point publicly:
The foundations action and this thread are here to support the Ukrainian people suffering under a vile invasion by the Russian regime, and in extensions to support peace everywhere. It is not here to discuss neutrality, various other actions or misjustices happening (or not) anywhere - even assuming good faith on part of all posters.
That being said: If you want to post something constructive here, please do so. Just don’t start tangential discussions, I’ll delete any such posts outright.


Allow me to summarize, that is " no discussion would be welcome here other than condemning Russia and supporting Ukraine, and this is not a place for free speech "


That more or less sums it up for me, yes.

Oh and inb4 “Syncthing foundation is against free speech”, you can say what you want - we just don’t have to host it on our platform for you.


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While I personally think that having a buffer between NATO and Russia would reduce the chance of future problems, those blaming NATO for Ukraine should ask themselves why is it so easy for NATO to expand. I mean, why are countries willing to give up some military freedom, have to rebuild their forces, and risk being dragged into wars that don’t affect them directly?

This is a “chicken and egg” problem. Russia’s behaviour pushes countries towards NATO » that makes Russia do something stupid like the invasion of Ukraine » more countries want to join NATO » and so on.

Blame “evil America” all you want, but NATO expansion can be easily stopped if one stops giving people reasons to join. It doesn’t take much to understand that not recognising established countries or dreaming about old empires (like Mr Putin did just before the invasion) has the opposite effect.

Regarding this donation, it helps people being affected be the war. I fail to see how that’s a bad thing, so good job!