The Syncthing Foundation stands against racism

Today we’ve donated €500 to Save the Children. By doing so we hope to help bring education and a way out of poverty for disadvantaged children, thus reducing inequality and injustice world wide.

This is matched by Kastelo donating €500 to the UN Human Rights’ #fightracism program and €500 to the Swedish Expo foundation. This helps fight racism internationally and in Sweden specifically (where Kastelo is headquartered).

I hope these three donations will help both globally (generally for all children, and specifically against racism) and locally where I happen to live and see a specific need.

We, as an organization, haven’t been particularly vocal previously. In this case I think the situation warrants not just donating or working in silence but actually also speaking out. I aim for us to not fall back into silence into the future, instead continuing to support worthy causes for humanity on a yearly basis.


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