The remote device keeps displaying the synchronization(95%)

When I started syncthing, the remote device keeps displaying the synchronization(95%). After the device is paused and resumed , it displays up to date. When I restart syncthing, it show the synchronization (95%) again.

version: 0.14.14

It’s most likely due to ignores on either side.

Or ignoreDeletes, or a bug. :slight_smile:

I have this sometimes, too. It’s always 95%. I doubt it’s related to ignores. I think that the gui, for some reason, thinks there are deletes to sync, as 95% is the “hardcoded” value for “only deletes left to sync”.

I don’t use ignoreDeletes.

I just restarted Syncthing on my server to test, and it showed 95% for my Desktop for about 20 secs, while all other devices had the correct status immediately.

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Yeah. I’ve seen similar.

I saw the same thing and finally was able to find that it was a “bug” but a “bug” in one .stignore file on one computer (i.e. my fault). If all the stignores are identical, the sync status turns green.

During the process, I got the impression that sometimes it’s possible to have a situation where one computer can think it’s sharing (or supposed to share) one of the folders with another computer, but it actually isn’t, leading to it displaying only X% synced. I haven’t done a systematic study of how to reproduce this, however, but it’s something to maybe consider (loose evidence at this point).

@jaxankey did you always have 95%? If not, that’s another story.

I do not set any ignore settings.

I have to recant my statement about ignores :wink:

Turns out, I do use ignores in one of the folders ( with just one ~70K file, so it slipped my mind). That’s why my server (with ignores) shows 95% and my Desktop (no ignores) shows 100%. After settings the ignores on both devices and rescanning, they now are up to date.

Right there with you. :slight_smile: I should have used “recant” in my post as well, since my problem was also just some little change I’d forgotten I’d made on one of my many folders / machines.

@wweich, it would always be a fixed value, which corresponded to me having forgotten I’d excluded the “.sync” folder from Resilio when I initially switched.

PS- Wow did Resilio go down the toilet in terms of reliability.

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