The process terminated unexpectedly. (0x8007042B)

This is an odd one. I just noticed this over the last couple of weeks. I start Syncthing automatically on Windows 10 by following the Task Scheduler instructions here:

Lately, I’ve been finding Syncthing not working and checking Task Scheduler, it shows the following under Last Run Result:

“The process terminated unexpectedly. (0x8007042B)”

This seems to happen after the first time my system enters sleep mode. But, after I restart the task, it doesn’t seem to happen again until the next day (after booting up fresh). I’ve added the option to the Task Scheduler > Settings entry to “If the task fails, restart every” 1 minute and “Attempt to restart up to” 3 times. But, that doesn’t help.

I don’t see any threads about this here. Can anyone take a stab at why this is happening and how to fix it?

Unfortunately, “0x8007042B” is one of Windows’ somewhat generic catch-all error codes when a program crashes. There’s a long list of potential causes and no single fix.

The first thing to try is temporarily disabling any anti-virus and/or other malware programs and seeing if the problem persists.

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