The problem of synchronizing folders are large

Hi guys. Installed syncthing to synchronize folders in several cities. Scan interval set in 2400 seconds. Volume of the main folder 160 gigabytes, 220 thousand files. And the contents of the folder, and so initially it was almost the same in these cities. A few days syncthing have not started to fully transfer files. Infinitely goes “Scan”.

On the other folders of small volume, it is working properly.

Tell me, what could the reason? Maybe for an interval of 2400 seconds is insufficient to create the index files in this folder? It is something, when rescan begins to create it from the beginning?

Hello and welcome, What kind of devices do you have? Also, while scanning, you should see how many files/how much data has been scanned already.

If it’s weaker devices you have, I suggest you search for ping timeout on the forum or look for the settings in the ui (advanced).

afaik the scan interval is the interval between the end of a scan and the start of the next scan, so this shouldn’t a the problem.

You can set envvar STTRACE to scanner which will print filenames as it scans, so you can see where roughly you are in terms the scan.