The old storage on the phone was transferred to the PC and erased the actual storage on the PC. As a result, I lost all my files

  • My files were on my USB stick, which is connected to the PC. I decided to clean the phone and deleted all the data from it, then decided to synchronize my current data from the PC to the PHONE again. As a result, after syncing, I go to my folder on my PC, and I see that there are generally some old files here. In the action log, I see how syncthing just deleted all the “extra” data from the PC. I understand that syncthing did not transfer data from PC to PHONE, but on the contrary, from PHONE to PC. How can I get everything back now?

It’s really not possible to deduct what happened exactly from that description, but such file deletion usually happens if you recreate a folder manually, including the .stfolder marker inside it. This is because Syncthing then thinks the folder has been emptied, and as such it will push this empty state to other devices as well.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t enabled file versioning inside Syncthing or made other backups, the data is likely lost forever :slightly_frowning_face:. You can look into data recovery if the files were very important, but this is outside of the scope of Syncthing.

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