The missing piece! Thank You!

I use Syncthing on my Linux x64 boxes as a VM. I was looking for a set and forget syncing solution that allows me to actively view the file status in a clean and easy to access interface. Syncthing performs these duties on point.

I was prepping myself to use other forms of file synchronization, but the ease of maintenance and active file view would be a bit more tedious. After searching the web I came across Syncthing and figured . . . why the Hell not?

After about a week of testing and making minor config changes for my specific needs I can successfully say that Syncthing has now become an integral component of the automation sequence used between various networks and VPS sprinkled around the globe.

v0.14.11 has been working excellent for my needs and I look forward to where this project will go in the future. I support the vision you have for Syncthing and I hope that it continues to be as portable and concise as it stands today.

The product is obviously something I am excited about and felt the need to share this with you. I also want to take the time to commend all who worked on the EXCELLENT documentation that comes with Syncthing. Because of the work put into the docs I was able to learn how Syncthing operated behind the scenes and in turn was able to make small adjustments to my instances of Syncthing with the supporting docs.

I wish you all an excellent upcoming holiday! A big THANK YOU for all your efforts.