the meaning of Minimum Free Disk Space (0.0 - 100.0%)

I don not understand the meaning of Minimum Free Disk Space (0.0 - 100.0%) Could you please tell me? DEfault is “1”,is it ok?

It will stop syncing if disk space falls below X percent.

While on the topic - will it still delete files (assuming no versioning is enabled) or stop syncing altogether?

I think it will stop all together.


I had this all the time, when a 36TB NAS had only 4GB free space:

You get a message in the webgui, telling you, that this particular folder now stops syncing. (which means, that it will be ignored by syncthing and, of course, all syncthing-clients too.)

you need to start it again by hand (i.e. when more space is available) or restart syncthing to do an initial scan (of all your folders), which checks, if there is now enough drive space to use this folder again for syncing.

Useful request:

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