the maximum number of sites supported of syncthing cluster?

anybody know that? if you know please Leave a message。 thank you!

our company has 100+ region,we want use syncting to build a Distributed file sync system

There are a lot of topics discussing it already. You’ll need to do some taylored network structur for a large amount of nodes. And potentially connectionLimitMax/...Enough settings might help there. Beyond that for such niche (and corporate) needs you’ll likely want to look into contracting to get the expertise.

Also hyper-speculative and purely personal opinion, based on the brevity of the question and the use-case alluded to: I’d say you are looking at the wrong tool here.

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we are a cloud service provider, we just need file sync,because we should update vm mirror monthly,so we need push 200G+ mirrors to ervery region monthly.why we choice syncthing?because we think syncthing is easyly maintain and use p2p protoco ,and have a useful api.

about maximum cluster and i think we can use sync area and classification to solve this problem.

Is that the right approach?What do you think.

It is a approach, can’t say if it’s the “right”. Again, if you are a cloud service provider I’d expect a bit more research, a quick list detailing requirements and pros/cons of a solution and potential open questions. I am not opposed to giving the same level of support I’d give any user to corps, quite the opposite, I think it’s great if corporations make money using syncthing - it’s the kind of ask (either to be a clearvoyant or to start detailing possible requirements for you) that’s not doable.

Thank you very much,imsodin。

There are several candidate tools, and I am in the process of selecting and testing them if we decide to use syncthing in the future. If there are any issues, I would love to build as a company with the Syncthing team. Jointly promote the development of syncthing

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