The list of 'file modified but not rescanned' keeps growing...


I have been using Syncthing for more than two years

Suddenly, on one of my synced folder (33GB) I started to get errors of the type:

finisher: file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

My setup consists in 2 Raspberry Pi that never modify files on their end and a Windows laptop that is the only one that changes files. Right now all of them are running v0.14.44

I only get those errors on the Windows machine (running SyncTrayzor)

At the beginning, it started as a 10-15 files but now there are more than 500 files with that message.

I didn’t change anything on the setup, the server side files were not touched and the case of the file matches (if I do a ll on the Pi machines with the path I get from the error, changing the \ to / it find the file )

What can I do? Is that a bug? because I didn’t have this problem before, for almost 2 years

Some people suggested “renaming the folder” but I’m not sure where (windows or the Pis?) and what to do next (wait it syncs with the new name, rename it back after a while …)

I am also getting these. In my case it was a folder on Windows 10 with different case than on other computers. Two Win10 PCs, one Linux computer. I renamed the folder and received then the folder with case problem. The both folders were identical. Then I deleted one of them and renamed back to normal.

Is there anything Syncthing could do to sort these out automatically?



Let’s try again, where did you rename the folder, on Windows or the Linux machines?

Cheers JD

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