The following folder error remains after cleanup

At times, I see the below error in a yellow ribbon on top. Why does it remain after the issue has been cleaned up? Folder actually says ‘Up to Date’ now. How do I remove this error message?

SyncTrayzor is a system tray wrapper for Windows that covers a subset of Syncthing’s features. If you follow the error message’s recommendation to check Syncthing’s GUI you can see why the error is being reported. See the official Syncthing documentation: An Intro to the GUI

Thanks for the reply. I have looked into the gui, console, logs… There’s nothing to indicate a failing/failed transfer. Oh well, not a big deal, I’ll just leave it and let ST work.

Could you post a screenshot of Syncthing’s web GUI with the “Music” folder panel expanded?

Thanks for ignoring my typo. :wink:

It appears to be a long standing issue dating back to 2019 with the most recent report on October 30 that matches the problem you’re seeing:

Thanks. I had not even thought of viewing the github issues… my bad.

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