The config.xml file is missing

My wife and I were successfully using Syncthing remotely for several weeks and then it suddenly stopped working.

The file transfer would be stuck even though we were connected with each other over TCP without a relay.

She is running macOS version 12.7.5 Monterey.

She is using Syncthing v1.27.8 installed from the .dmg macOS GitHub release and I’m using v1.27.7 installed from the Fedora repositories.

I looked at the forum and I saw a suggestion to delete the config.xml file to resolve issues:

(link removed, //@calmh)

The problem is that the config.xml file cannot be found on her macOS computer.

There is no Syncthing folder in this directory on her macOS:

$HOME/Library/Application Support/

No luck finding the config.xml file with Mac Finder.

I unsuccessfully had her run this command in Terminal at the root directory:

find -type f -name config.xml

We also tried to delete and add new Folders on Syncthing and that didn’t work.

Anyone have suggestions?


Do not delete your config.xml. That was a very specific suggestion based on the fact that their config was apparently corrupted, based on the log entries posted. It is not general troubleshooting advice.

Post screenshots, logs, or in general what you see that is the problem.

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Finding the config file is easy by the way, if the application is running and the Web GUI accessible. Just go to Help > About > Paths and see where stuff lives.

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