The 0.14.50 release will be delayed a little further

Issue #5149 isn’t awesome. In short, when there are a lot of changes happening some of them are bound to not get sent, resulting in the other side staying permanently out of sync. This gets resolved only when another update happens for the same file or --reset-deltas.

The problem was introduced in 0.14.48 so it’s not strictly protocol that we must get the fix into 0.14.50. However, this is a pretty nasty thing to have out there and I’d like a fix in sooner rather than later. The fix is also, in my opinion, rather low risk.

As such, I want to get it merged and release a new release candidate on Monday or Tuesday. Given that we’re already delayed and the rather low risk of the change, one week to RC bake should be fine. The real 0.14.50 release could then happen on Tuesday the 11th.


We could simply skip one month (which already is the case) and we’d be perfectly in time again.

If I wanted to wait a month we could just release 0.14.50 as is and fit the fix into the next cycle. I don’t want to do that.

I was referring to the banner which still expects the next release on 2018-08-07. Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever make up an entire month we could move forward the “clock” by one month.

I’ve updated the release predictor to be slightly more realistic in the face of provably missed deadlines.