I’ve been using Syncthing for three years.

Set up with some initial difficulty and some subsequent difficulty - because Syncthing is not simple due to its numerous settings, some of which are hidden in depth - Syncthing performs perfectly and silently the tasks for which it was created and set up.

If any problems have arisen over the years, it has always been because of me, my mistakes and my poor English.

In my case it flawlessly synchronizes important and numerous documents between three Windows devices, three android devices and a Synology NAS.

The logic of its architecture is impeccable, it’s stainless, it grinds billions of bytes without ever stopping.

It receives timely updates for all platforms proving that it is a living project.

I can only have admiration and gratitude for the creators and developers of this software who work tirelessly and for free.

Thank you all.


I share the love. Thanks, devs and contributors.


I definitively agree, syncthing is fully functional, reliable… well wonderfull. Good job guys.

I’m really fearing a day syncthing will become acquired by a pro-business company which might destroy its community spirit. I’ve been contributing for open-source projects for years and lots of them follow that destiny. So I wish a long life to your community engagement and thank all the 5000+ contributors !