Text files being converted to binary files

Subject says it.

I have versioned files as a backup but it’s not always the latest. But some my main files are being converted to binary. I spent a great deal of time whittling many of these down last night only to find it occurring again today.

I use Geany as my text editor and often have several tabs/documents open at a time. I’ve been shutting down Geany before shutting down my laptop.

My primary syncthing client is my Odroid at home. I have a laptop at home and a workstation at the office that both sync to the Odroid.

All machines run Arch Linux.


What do you mean by binary, and converted to? Syncthing treats files as streams of bytes, and goes to great length to ensure those bytes are exactly identical on source and destination.

When I open the file in Geany, a GUI text editor, it won’t open it at all. If I try a command line editor like “nano” and text viewer like “more”, they both complain that it is a binary file and not a text file.

I’ve been using Geany for the last couple of years with Syncthing and it is my primary text editor. My odroid crashed and I didn’t use Syncthing for a couple of months. I just got it back up and running a couple of weeks ago. That’s when this behavior began exhibiting itself. As I think about it, I guess it could be Geany’s fault. If no one else is seeing this then Geany is likely the problem and not Syncthing. Edit: I’ve tweaked some of the save functions in Geany. I’ll report back here if the problem goes away with an apology for jumping the gun and blaming the wrong product. :slight_smile:


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