Test the protocol buffers

I think the new protocol buffer based code is pretty much good to go. It wouldn’t hurt with someone else actually testing it though… So if you don’t mind, maybe give it a spin? It’s mostly painless:

  • You’ll get a full rescan on installation. There is no conversion of the existing database; instead, a new one is built in index-v0.14.0.db. This means the optimal time to do the upgrade is when things are in sync.
  • Local discovery is changed as well - only protobuf speaking devices will see each other.
  • There are no config, API or GUI changes related to this.
  • Roll back at any time by just running a regular 0.13 release instead.

I’m particularly interested in if you see any changes on installations with very large files, very slow devices, very slow internet links - any similar corner cases.

My currently recommended build is at https://build.syncthing.net/job/syncthing-pr/2450/artifact/. It’ll identify itself as version 0.13.7+51-ga5f1d15 and will auto update to a future v0.13.8 if you let it - either allow that to happen and join the mainline again or turn off auto upgrades and remember to upgrade later.

Thanks to Groggy on IRC we found one crash on 32 bit platforms. That’s fixed in this build: https://build.syncthing.net/job/syncthing-pr/2451/artifact/

I think I fit here, I will give it a go, right now it is indexing 1.5TB on my NAS.

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Running with a 512KBit/s link, ~20% loss and 1500ms latency.

So far so good, everything is working.



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All good here as well. No problems with 332823 items, ~1696 GiB. No apparent change from 13.0, so I guess that’s good;)

Now would be the good time to surprise us with variable index, so the bloody VM syncs faster :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: