Telemetry in the go toolchain

Is there some commentary you wanted to add?

Telemetry is a very controversial topic for some users. I thought it would be nice to share the current state of the discussion up front and let users participate. It’s better if they bark at the right tree :slight_smile:

It’s not related to Syncthing one way or the other though, other than something us developers could want to be aware of if we care. Syncthing’s existing telemetry is much more intrusive than what was being proposed for Go, by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:


Before anyone gets scared by this statement though: Syncthing’s usage reporting is strictly opt-in and you need to allow it first in a notification banner that pops up after initial setup. Program crashes are reported by default, but without any personal identifiable information. The last category of “phoning home” behavior are the update checks, which might be enabled by default depending on how Syncthing was installed.

Seems like our docs are missing an overview page about this kind of stuff, at least I couldn’t find it quickly in one place. There is Security Principles — Syncthing documentation, covering most of it. Together with Automatic Crash Reporting — Syncthing documentation it should give a pretty complete picture.

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Just a quick question on the topic, is there any detailed information available yet when exactly this telemetry is going to be added? The GitHub discussion (and the linked blog posts, etc.) are either super long or too heated of a discussion to follow for someone like me who isn’t interested in all the details or radical opinions. I’d just like to know about a) which Go version specifically it is going to be present in, and b) how to easily disable it.

It’s not even a proposal, it was a design idea, so no. And to avoid any confusion, it would never affect compiled programs like syncthing, only the compiler itself.