Tap and share from different location on my phone to 1 folder on my windows pc?

Hi,i just discovered this app and it is great.I played around with syncing one folder from my phone to one folder on my pc,it went smooth.

Can you configure syncthing like airdroid or sendanywhere?I just wanna backup various things from different locations from my phone to my folder on my pc?I just wanna go through my gallery and long tap 5 pics and send them to my pc,then i want to long tap 5 books in my downloads folder and send them to the same folder on my pc,same for my whatsapp images ect.So browse files on my phone that are stored in different folders and send it to only one or 2 folders on my pc.I want that the state of my files on my phone doesn’t change even if i delete the files on my pc.So more like “share this photo,this apk,this song and this ebook with my folder on my pc”.Is that possible with the share option in android or is there a way of backing up stuff without affecting the state on my phone even if i change it on my pc?I hope my question isn’t too complicated.Sorry if it is…


of course Synchting can also do that (with some hacky options like ignoreDelete) but I seems as much as I love the project Syncthing might be the wrong tool to do this task. Maybe TrebleShot (https://f-droid.org/packages/com.genonbeta.TrebleShot/) fits better for “one shot file transfers”. I’ve only used it on Android, I’m not sure if the Desktop version is developed far enough, there were some rumors in the past it’s still in early development.

If you are fine that stuff you shared is saved two times on your phone configure a synced folder on your phone and use the sharing menu of android to save them in syncthing. That basically just copies the files to the synced folder on the phone.

However, at least the official version syncthing needs to run to use the sharing option (see issue #1329). Maybe the fork of @Catfriend1 allows that?

Yes I think that was fixed a while ago (https://github.com/Catfriend1/syncthing-android/issues/163)

Ok,i think i have an idea…I could make an empty folder on my sd card (or even internal storage) and copy all my needed files to it.Once the files are synced to my pc i could move them out of that folder so both folders (phone and pc) are empty again.Not sure if this is the best option but it seems to be pretty painless and without much fiddling with the settings.I am still pretty new so i need to figure sruff out.But this could work,right?

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