System requirements?


I want to use syncthing to “do” offside backups and currently I try to find out what device is best to run the offside part of syncthing on. I’m thinking about using a Synology NAS or a dedicated x86 machine.

Are there any information out there about the needed CPU, RAM, …

Thanks! Stefan

Syncthing runs on my raspberry pi (model b with 512MB RAM) which is pretty low end :wink: for the RAM usage there is a example benchmark here: Initial v0.9 benchmarks which shows ~100MB needed most systems should not have a problem with that

CPU for my raspberry pi is at 100% while syncing at ~1-2Mbit which is the limiting factor here (still using 0.8.21, i have no info about 0.9 which could be faster without compression). Idle is <1%. Rescanning files also needs CPU but the time until it does that again can be set to a high value so this is also no problem.

Since only the sync speed really depends on the CPU this is something that depends on the user how fast he wants it, there is no real requirement i think.

Hello Alex,

thanks for the answer!

I have currently about 400 GB of data in 1.3 million files (and 30.000 folders). I want to do the initial syncing via LAN and after that over DSL (which is limited to 1,2 Mbit/s). After the initial syncing the number of files that will be change or added every day should be rather small (on most days).

So, if I read it right syncthing 0.9 always uses about 50 MB of RAM - and everything else will relay on the CPU and network speed. I didn’t find any information about the CPU that was used in the benchmark; are there any estimations that can tell me how long the initial sync will last with a given CPU power?

How much CPU and RAM is used for the later synchronizations on the remote site (when the repository is locally marked as “master repo”)?

Thanks! Stefan