System just shows 'Disconnected', how do I find out why?

I have three systems which should be synchronised using syncthing. It was all working OK until a few days ago (when I was away for a few days). Two of the three systems are still synchronised OK but the third just shows up as ‘Disconnected’.

How do I find out why it’s disconnected? I’ve not changed anything since setting it all up and getting it working.

please check firewall, portforwarding, etc. and provide more info

  • all devices use same Syncthing version?
  • all devices in same network (e.g. LAN)?
  • using direct connection or relays?
  • etc.

I also have similar issues since 0.13 rolled out. One remote node will only connect via relays (though upnp enabled there), I attributed it to the known UPNP bug scheduled for fix in the next minor release.

But I also have 3 out of 5 syncthing instances in the same LAN that would only talk to each other via relays (i have enabled global discovery and relays for the workaround, normally the cluster worked fine in “local discovery only” mode).

2 other devices can connect to the “cursed 3” via local discovery just fine.

Also: the devices constantly complain about: Invalid IGD response: invalid device UUID upnp-InternetGatewayDevice-1_0-4f2e7zc3b34 (continuing anyway)

All devices run ST 0.13.4

1 - Yes, all are using the same Syncthing version, 0.13.4. Ah, no they’re not, maybe that’s the issue, I’ll get them in step again.

2 - No, one is my desktop machine, one is a laptop which connects where and when it can, the third is a virtual server on Gandi hosting.

3 - Relays presumably, but when I first started them all up and connected them it all ‘just worked’, I didn’t do anything specific and I haven’t changed anything since.

… and I now have version 0.13.4 on all three systems and the virtual server one is still just sitting there saying ‘Disconnected’.

However, after quite an interval it seems to have sorted itself out and everything is synchronising OK. It was due to the unmatched versions. Is there a log anywhere that would tell me about the mis-matched versions?

How long is “quite an interval”? There are various timeouts to do with reconnecting which are probably coming into play.

Several minutes, but not an incredibly long time.

So I’m happy that getting the versions of Syncthing matched resolves the problem but I do think that some sort of log/error message indicating the mismatched versions would be useful.

If you have mismatched versions (i.e. 0.12 trying to talk to 0.13), there is a log message (“INFO: Failed to exchange Hello messages with …: incorrect magic”).

OK, but since my log files are huge they aren’t all that easy to spot the odd error message in. I’ve started a new thread about log files because I run syncthing on two server systems that are very rarely rebooted and as a result I need a way to cycle the log file.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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