synthing tries to sync erased directory\file

Hi, I am Newbie and using syncthing since a short time. After some learning phase I got it work. But one problem is left: On one PC it shows me “not synchronized”. When I have a look it shows me one subdirectory containing one jpeg file, but both are erased. Windows does not find them too. I tried to put it to the “.ignore” folder, but this does not work. All the other files in the synced directy are well done. A similar problem I do have with my second connected PC. There is cencerns one subdirectory with 9 *.fits" files. In opposite to the mentioned above situation, the directory and the files a shown, but they are empty. Do somebody know what to do? I guess this is a windows problem. But could not find in Windows for the problem. Thanks for advices and help, rfa

Please provide some screenshots of the Syncthing GUI from both sides, and also the log files, if possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult to understand what is really happening here.

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