Synthing available in arkOS, a Personal Cloud OS

We’ve just added Syncthing to arkOS as the officially supported file sync plugin.

arkOS is a free, open source ‘Personal Cloud’ operating system that runs on low powered ARM devices (such as the Raspberry Pi).

We evaluated a few file sync solutions and chose Synthing for it’s clean implementation and future potential. In a recent survey of our users, file sync functionality was the number one requested feature, so we’re delighted to be able include Syncthing and look forward to future developments.

Thanks for your great work Jakob (@calmh) :slight_smile:


Awesome, glad to hear it. Be sure to file issues etc on rough stuff you run into. :slight_smile:

Completely off topic, but relevant to arkOS, have you considered adding an XMPP server (eg: prosody) to it, which pretty much goes perfectly with your goals. It’s a decentralized IM protocol, working similar to email in how it’s decentralized, pretty widely adopted.

@hobarrera Thanks for the suggestion. Prosody is already in arkOS. It’s not well documented on our site yet but it’s all there and works well. Feel free to join us on the arkOS forums if you’d like to find out more: