Synthing as sync server?

Can i use one synthing instaltion as sync server?

Simple if device A conect to server, upload files and these files wait for device B, when device B download files server delete them.

Sorry for my bad english

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No, there is no such feature in Syncthing.

You would have something that moves the files out of the sync folder on device B. If you want the files to be removed from A immediately and not wait till B moves them, you would also need something that moves the files on the server from the sync-A-folder to the sync-B-folder.

Not possible but it gives me an idea for the relay server. The base idea is to add cache to the relay server. I don’t know how to keep track of files so maybe other SyncThing devs can share their thoughts.

Relay server does not speak syncthing protocol, so it’s not aware of files or even folders. Any arbitrary stream based protocol can use the relay server.

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile: so this way is not possible at all.

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Infact is use Syncthing in the way the topic creator wants to use it. I have a Notebook, a VServer and a Homeserver which is not running 24/7.

When i want to download a torrent, i put the torrent file into the sync folder on my notebook. That syncs the torrent file to the vserver. When the homeserver wakes up it pulls the files from the VServer and the torrent client moves it out of the sync folder, so the files get deleted on the VServer and Notebook.

Okay the main work here is not done by syncthing, but by the torrent client, but that is how it can work.