Synology Syncthing Sync Problem

I am using the community syncthing package on Synology and after some initial trouble, all synchronizations with a remote truenas syncthing are shown as up to date. However, when I did a manual check trying to validate some of the most recent files, they were all missing. Yet, when I add a new file, syncthing goes to work and een shows me the correct file size being transferred, but once again the file is not showing up on truenas. I have been using truenas for over a year now, but I thought it would be more efficient to move my windows installation to Synology.

Can somebody help me? I thought I was somewhat familar with the syncthing configuration, but I have no clue what’s going on here. Is the community package version using a temporary directory somewhere? Or, maybe they are sitting in a different location on the truenas? I am puzzled.

Here is a screenshot showing a transfer in progress.

On the truenas syncthing installation, it even shows the correct file name under latest change.

I have just checked the truenas log. It shows “unable to retrieve container logs for docker://baf253ba65a206779ba512b09ef3cf74a40c7b4ba680a904c05e3ca15de204c3”.

No log for me I guess. However, there is an upgrade and I am just installing that right now.

Where can I find the log for Synology syncthing (community app)?

I have upgraded syncthing on truenas and manually re-created all folders. Now, I am waiting on the sync process.

I have a theory. I am suspicious that my truenas syncthing has created data folders within the app. So, when syncthing is running, it just updates these folders instead of the actual datasets. I am guessing that this is the root cause because I found that accepted folders aren’t using the correct local path.

If that is the problem, I don’t think I can fix it because the local path on an accepted folder cannot be edited after accepting it and it defaults to /var/<folder_name> from what I can see. What to do? I will test my theory by attempting to mount my datasets to the var directory.

Basically, I am running out of ideas. Now, I just need to figure out how to access the directory in the syncthing app on truenas. Sadly, the shell for syncthing isn’t responding.

Docker/OCI containers are immutable, so unless storage volumes are mapped to the container, data created lives and dies with the container:

To change the folder path afterwards, via Syncthing’s web UI, click Actions → Advanced → Folders. Select the Syncthing folder to change and update the “Path” field as needed.

Alternatively, it can also be done by editing Syncthing’s config.xml file.

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I somehow missed that. Thank you!

Even though I felt pretty confident to finally resolve my issue after discovering a folder mismatch, I am still unsuccessful with syncing my folders from one location to another (across subnets; from syno to truenas).

I mean I see the software doing its thing and it even shows newer files in the ui as synced when I look at the recent activity, but, sadly, they never show up in the destination path. So, I am guessing that the system has created a copy somewhere and has been syncing all new files with this copy.

I wish I had better news… Anyhow, I just wanted to give an update.

I can finally report some good news. I fixed by entering full path names in all locations!

I somehow assumed that ~/<my_path> is an equivalent of /var/<my_path>. Well, that isn’t the case for either my syno or truenas install. Once, I put full path names everywhere syncthing did another sync and finally I am seeing some files that were previously lost in transit.

A big thank you to everyone trying to help! Your feedback steered me in the right direction and kept me motivated to keep looking for a solution!!


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