Synology Permission on folders not allowing shared folder to be used by synchting

I have been reading a bunch of topics about this issue but I still do not see a clear answer. I would like to first get it to work on my systems and then help others. Please if you can help me it will be apprecated. Also, am I better off somehow paying for support if it is available? I have no problem paying if that is an option. I have 2 synology boxes. Box 1 has a folder: /Volume1/homes/charlie/Photos Box to has the following: /Volume1/sync/photos (but I also tried under a user /Volume1/chuck/photos) and on both I also created a user: syncthing. Then I allowed synchting user read/write permission on the “Photos” folder and charlie folder in box 1 and in “photos” folder as well as sync folder. Each time I add the folder via the GUI I see that there is no permission on either box.
Morea ccurately ot says: permission denied and also folder path missing.

Does anyone actually know how to fix this? I have not read anyone who successfully fixed it and that said solution can be replicated. I tried fixing the problem in truenas scale and it didn’t work either so I am unsure if this is an issue which actually has a solution in synology (or any NAS in my case) or just advertisement which could actually work if one just uses the default folder shared. That said, the default folder feature seems pretty useless to me but I a sure it could work for someone. I seriously I am looking for help. If someone wants to help can you please point me to a guide or video? or suggestions on how to fix it? I have been reading for weeks and I have tried dozens or setups. I deleted the docker, installed it again, etc. but nothing is working. Any help will be appreciated.

It appears you installed Syncthing as a Docker image, correct? If so, you need to map the real directory into the docker container as a volume. The error message is quite clear, the folder path you’re trying to sync does not exist as seen from the container. Syncthing then tries to create it, which fails because even within the container, creating too level directories is only allowed forgot privileged users, e.g. root.

You should probably read up on Docker in general to understand what’s happening. Or you could try to use the native package provided by SynoCommunity instead, which has tighter system integration with DSM.

Thank you for your reply. I was unaware of having to map the directory as a volume. Will do go read on that now.

Thank you again

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