[Synology] Permission on custom folder


Using Syncthing on my Synology DS-213j, I had to reinstall it, and then I can’t get back to my previous worked config… When I add the share point, it displays me the following errors :

2018-10-28 19:02:10: Loading ignores: open /volume1/photo/Emilie/.stignore: permission denied

2018-10-28 19:02:10: Failed to create folder marker: stat /volume1/photo/Emilie/.stfolder: permission denied

2018-10-28 19:02:10: Error on folder "EMINI-NAS/photos" (ghmg4-iavme): stat /volume1/photo/Emilie/.stfolder: permission denied

I’m using the latest version of Syncthing (v0.14.51) onlatest DSM (DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 1). As I can see, there were improve related to files’s permission management in latest version (see “Integrate with DSM5+6 Generic Service support fro correct permissions”). And I’ve added the directory “/volume1/photo/Emilie/” to the “sc-syncthing” group (“admin” as owner).

What’s wrong according to you, please ?

Thanks for your incoming answer.

Well, syncthing is not permissioned in the directories in question, as to why, you have to figure out yourself.

Hello @AudriusButkevicius !

Yea, we had a similar problem previously :/…

It seems that the group right was removed for a reason I don’t get… anyway, performing the “chmod 775” on the directories and its content seems to fix the problem. Thanks.

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