Synology permission for admin account

Hi everyone! Yep it’s a permission issue thread again :sweat_smile:

So first just to clarify this: my non admin users doesn’t have any issue after I set the sc-syncthing user/app permissions (read and write) on their synching folder.

But if I try the same thing for my account (with admin privileges) I have the standard:

Loading ignores: lstat ... .stignore: permission denied
Failed to create folder root directory stat 
Error on folder ... permission denied

I’m using a folder inside the home directory of each user /volume/homes/user/Drive/Syncthing and not the /volume/@appdata/syncthing so my users can have access to their Synching directory from their phone.

I tried some weird thing just to see what happened like chmod 777 the admin’s shared directory but without any luck. Also set (from the gui) the “everyone” group full read, write and admin access (take ownership and change permission) but I still have permission errors

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help :pray:


  • Yes the “Ignore permission” option is checked
  • Synching was installed using the Synology package center

It is better to use no system folder as like home, photo, music, etc. Its better to create a new shared folder in the system control and to give the root the sc-syncthing permissions, which are enherited to all subfolders. After that you are able to include your available folders in the Syncthing GUI.

You really should not mess with the standard UNIX permission bits on Synology. When you assign them, all previous ACLs get cleared so you might end up removing access that was previously granted through ACLs. That’s also why the ignore permissions option must be checked. Instead you should try to manage permissions with Synology’s tools.

What exactly is going wrong in your case is hard to tell. Maybe the permission inspector tool in File Station can be of help in diagnosis. And you should make sure what user and group the Syncthing process is effectively running as.

Every manual play with ACL could reset in the DSM Filemanager to enherit the DSM permissions in each shared folder.

As I explain, every system folder are maybe special managed from DSM and usually is better not to use in Syncthing, its a little tricky. I use e.g. Synthing for the photo folder and that runs in my case by reset of the ACLs.

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