Synology package GUI address

If I want to modify the GUI adress e.g. from to, it takes no effect, since the effect of

The GUI address is overridden by startup options. Changes here will not take effect while the override is in place.

Are such options included in the binary or in which file I find that?

If it’s my package, it’s set in the startup script and you can’t change it.

Sure, is your package.

On my Test-DS I want to run two instances for a test. For that I want to use the Safihre package, but I got a message about the occupied port 8384. So it seems, I must install a second instance in the same way as for “normal” Linux servers and change the ports 8384 and 22000 after installation.

Or is possible to use another way?

For a test case, local copies of directories were required on my Test-Synology, it means no sync to another device. I have now installed a second instance with the following deviation parameters:

Web GUI:
listen Address: tcp://
local announce port: 21028

With the local announce port, I wasn’t quite sure, if it made sense or was necessary. The two instances run together perfectly.

What I noticed is that no download or upload rates are displayed, or very low values that can in no way match the transfer. But that is not further annoying.

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