Synology NAS can't install Syncthing

Hi all,

I did install Synthing on my Synology NAS via DSM, with the help of the following link:

Everything fine till there, but when I try to install Syncthing (yes, via DSM package center>community>syncthing), I get the next error on my DSM:

“Port 7070 configured for this package is either used by another service or reserved for system use. Please disable or modify the conflicting service, or contact the developer to modify the package configuration”

The problem is, Filestation is already configured on port 7070. I think that is a default portnumber for that. Anyway, how can I install Syncthing and get it to work? Do I need to change my Filestation port to another one? Or can I give Syncthing another portnumber? How?

It is weird that Syncthing forces to use a port (7070) that is default used by Filesation (although I cant remember if that is 100% true).

Thanks for help!

PS: I’m not a guy that is pro in this Linux or programming.


We don’t package syncthing for your NAS, best if you ask on your NAS forums.

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The Synocommunity folks selected port 7070 for Syncthing because this port was not used by any of the native Synology apps.

If you configured FileStation to use 7070, that appears to be the source of your port conflict. The standard port for FileStation is 7001 (TCP).

Here is a useful resource:

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