Synology: How to have a logfile?

Had some hours with Syncthing on my DS918+ with DSM 6.2…

Actually I want to have a logfile on filesystem, that I can search with one of my scripts.

Does somebody know how to do this on DSM 6.2 with Syncthing v1.3.4?

Found it! :grinning:

customize /usr/local/syncthing/var/options.conf

# This file will be added to start-stop-status script
# For possible options see syncthing --help

# Example: uncomment this to start syncthing with all devices paused
 SYNCTHING_OPTIONS="${SYNCTHING_OPTIONS} -logfile=/usr/local/syncthing/var/syncthing.log"

Happy that you found the solution already.

Please note that this might depend on where you installed the package from. SynoCommunity has been offering an SPK package which matches your description. Recently, @calmh introduced a different SPK supported by Kastelo which might work differently.

See also the thread New package for Synology NAS for details.

Yes. I recognized that new package. You are right, my question was about the package from SynoCommunity.