Synology DSM 7 - Kastelo, SynoCommunity, Either?


When I got started with Syncthing on Synology a few months back, I didn’t fully understand that there were two packages available. I went with the Kostelo package and it’s been working fine.

DSM 7 is upon us and I’m trying to figure out if I can expect a seamless upgrade experience. Is the current Kostelo package going to continue to work? Do I need to switch to the SynoCommunity package (and re-config)? Something else?

I’ve done my best to read threads here but haven’t been able to figure this out.


This question can only be answered by @calmh, as nothing is known about if the Kastelo package is also available for DSM 7. At the moment only the SynoCommunity package runs natively on DSM 7.

There are currently no plans to change our packaging to be compatible with DSM 7.

It would be a shame if the Kastelo package were only available for DSM 6. What is the reason there is no plan?

No desire or incentive to update it.

Not much room for debate :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarity - it is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks @Andy for helping to move this conversation along. I’ve switched to the community package.

What was the background at all to realise the current packages?

We were paid to do so. However, seeing how Synology has been a spectacularly unrewarding platform to work with and I have no personal interest in it, I don’t see a reason to put more development hours into it. It’s open source though, so someone who actually cares about the platform for personal reasons could step up and do the work – “PR:s welcome” and all that. (Or they could pay someone to care, for that matter.)

I can’t understand what you mean by that. I had already heard that you maintainers don’t think much of Synology or maybe NAS as a whole. In fact, such NAS have their peculiarities, which for die-hard Linux experts may be perceived as an unclean softening in order to realize a colorful and user-friendly GUI. That’s one side.

But it is also a fact that NAS is made for a large number of users or people in companies who only want to use it and often enough and are not be technicians, understand little or nothing about Linux, have no console knowledge and quickly run backwards when things get complicated. But it is precisely in this way that Syncthing has become popular, because it is not so “technical” to use with an installation package, but rather “applicable”, even for less experienced users. Something like that gets around and makes it popular.

Well, that’s ones more my philosophical opinion.

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I’m an Apple fanboy; draw what conclusions you like, but that I would dislike a product just because it has a user friendly GUI or isn’t hardcore Linux enough hardly fits.

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@calmh - I’m curious about a couple of differences between the Kostelo and community packages.

  1. Once installed, the Kostelo package allows for Syncthing GUI access at https://{NAS FQDN}/syncthing whereas the community package only works at http://{NAS IP}:{syncthing_port}

  2. With Kostelo, Syncthings shows up as a clickable app in the Synology App Tray (or whatever its called) whereas with the community package, it’s only accessible at the URL

Do you happen to recall what you did to get either of these behaviors working? I’d especially like to see #1 working in the community package.

Thanks for the work you do on this - I have no concerns about your choice to not maintain the Kostelo package for Synology - that’s your call about how you spend your time, energy, and business pursuits.

Dug around and found the Kostelo package source and the nginx config which enables #1 in my previous post.

It’s the contents of this file: nginx.conf

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