Synology DS412 Update To Latest Version

I have installed from DSM but can see how to update to latest version. I’m not very technical so wanted to know if there is an easy option. Package center shows version 0.10.30-3

The Syncthing package for Synology DiskStation is maintained by a 3rd party - Synocommunity.

There might be a problem with the most recent compiled version (0.10.30-3). It seems to be missing the “Upgrade” button.

There is a gitthub thread where this issue was discussed (I was part of the conversation). Read the last 5-6 posts:

My suggestion: Join that discussion and ask the Synocommunity maintainer for assistance with the missing upgrade button.

The upgrade system in v0.10.30 is broken. v0.10.31 (and v0.11) fixed this.

Thanks @calm. I posted this on the Synocommunity board. Hopefully, they will compile and release a more recent version, and remove the upgrade problem.

I’ve updated my Windows based version to 0.12 but it’s not compatible with 0.11

So hope that an update for the DS412 will come soon.

Hopefully not before v0.12.0 is actually released though :slight_smile:

Ah yes in Beta :grin: