Synology DS115j inotify error

I an attempting to use an older Synology NAS for syncthing. It is installed, updated, and configured with remote devices and shared folder.

All remote devices show the Synology at 0% of 650GiB.

Synology syncthing page is showing:

failed to setup inotify handler. Please increase inotify limits, see

Not sure what i need to do.

Please don’t be the person that says “go to that link”

Link shows some commands to run from linux, but what can i do from whithin Synology?

You can’t most likely.

You can enable SSH access in options. Then login via SSH and perform the commands (you can use ‘sudo’ to get root access, if your user is part of the admin group).

Disclaimer: I do not own a Synology device, this advice is from a friend who does own one.

The commands shown have only a partial effect. A permanent solution you get with the task planner in the control panel.

There you deposit a “triggered task” with the string

sh -c '(sleep 120 && echo 204800 > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches)&'

on boot. That means, on every boot that command will implemented. The sleep time is estimated by me and can be adjusted.

that seems to have taken care of the error, but it is still at 0% synced.

any idea if there are other tweaks i need?

Which SPK package you have installed? Doe you have assigned read and write permissions to a user group in the Synology DSM?

Then permissions Ignore must be activated in each peer under Advanced.

not sure about SPK, but version v1.4.2, Linux (ARM)

i think permissions are ok, it is moving some files, VERY SLOWLY, and sometimes it seems to stall, so i tell syncthing to restart. (for example the latest changed file name doesn’t change for hours)

i don’t know what the permissions ignore is.

permissions ignore says use for fat drives, mine is ext4.

is that what you mean? do i need that?

Some explanation about that

I found out, that with this activated option all the peers are running very good. Without, it seems in any time it hangs or out of sync etc.

For me this feature is more than for FAT filesystems. E.g. is also activated on each Android APP peer and its also no FAT.

So check this on the NAS box (linux) but not needed on the windows systems?


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