Synology cloudsync alternative

Trying to sync my ds 1515+ to onedrive as offsite backup. Cloudsync does not seem to work because of my pictures folder. I use iphoto and the pictures folder contains 113000+ folders which is over the 100000 allowed by cloudsync.
So i would like to use syncthing to sync my data to onedrive. How do i? If not possible please let me know other solutions. Thank you!

Cloudsync - as the name suggests - is a tool to sync your files with the big cloud storage providers. This is very different from what Syncthing does. Syncthing is a tool to synchronize your files between different computers, eg. your pc and your wifes laptop. But to synchronize both devices have to be online at the same time, so it makes sense to let one machine run 24/7 as a server, so there is always some place to synchronize your files to.

You can find the details (and a better explanation of what Syncthing does and doesn’t do) in the documentation:

Edit: Using your Synology box as a Syncthing device is definately manageable with enough knowledge, but is not officially supported at the moment. You can find synology-related topics via the forum search: