Synology certificate management UI

Version 1.19.0-25
1. Update syncthing to v1.19.0.
2. Add wizard page to preconfigure credentials for the Web GUI.
3. Integrate with the certificate management UI in Control Pane

That is from

How do I find the certificate management? Does the wizard only happen for new configurations?



Correct, the new wizard page is only used for new installations. It’s just about setting the initial credentials during installation, nothing you’d need to do on every upgrade.

The certificate management is under “Control Panel” in the “Security” category, then the “Certificates” tab.

So will this now automatically find the cert used by NAS? I used let’s encrypt, so it changes periodically.

Dear all, this is only available so far on DSM <7 right? br

Yes, the default certificate will be the same one you used for the DSM web interface. If Let’s Encrypt is configured there, Syncthing will be automatically restarted every time it’s renewed.

Correct. Synology has blocked access to the needed API on DSM 7 and currently allows it only for their own packages, not third-party.

Thanks for the quick response.

So, as I am on DSM 7, I will still need to use the script you’ve provided.

Yes that should still work on DSM 7. Provided you are using the latest version which accesses /var/packages/syncthing/var (not target/var.

Hi, may I missed something, but which script is meant here :wink: ?


That was talking about a script I published to help with copying the DSM system certificate for use in Syncthing, which needed to be done manually after each certificate renewal. It’s only needed DSM 7 now, as the new method currently only works on DSM 6. The most recent version of that script was posted here:

The original post with some more explanation, but a bit outdated script: HTTPS connection with "Warning: Potential Security Risk" or invalid certificate - #6 by acolomb.

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