Synology 18.2

I keep trying to install v1.18.2 onto my Synology NAS, I keep getting invalid file type, I also see there have been no downloads so I can only assume this is the same for everyone?

If you mean my Kastelo distribution that always shows zero downloads because the server doesn’t support accounting downloads. This is not related to your problem, which I’m not sure of the cause for.

Is Syncthing DSM7 compliant? Maybe it is that?

The Kastelo packaging is not. The SynoCommunity one is, I think.

The SynoCommunity / Saphihre package runs in the DSM 6 and DSM 7, so you should take this if you want to use DSM 7 soon or now. Store the package source information in the package center for this as follow:

Finally this package makes the same as the Kastelo package with no difference in quality and process security.

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