Syngthing UI doesn't signal sync conflicts

As described in my previous post, Recurring sync-conflicts, I get synchronization conflicts all the time. But the Syncthing UI doesn’t signal any conflicts, it says everything is “Up to Date”, on all my devices. If I didn’t look for *conflict* files actively myself, I wouldn’t notice there’s any sync problem.

On my Win10 PC I use SyncTrayzor with Syncthing 1.27.3, on my Android phone and tablet I have the latest Google Play version of Syncthing.

Concerning SyncTrayzor, it detects and signals the conflicts. But not the Syncthing itself, esp. not on Android where I have no other means do detect the conflicts.

Moreover, the sync-conflict files are said to be synchronized like any normal files (Understanding Synchronization — Syncthing documentation). However, I resolved the conflicts on my PC by deleting the sync-conflict files, but the deletion didn’t propagate to Androids. Is this really the intended behaviour?

Possibly related:

Is the folder type on Android set to Send & Receive? The Android app is different from regular Syncthing in that its default Camera folder comes set to Send Only, so it won’t accept any changes from other devices.

Yes, it is. The folder is synchronized forth and back with other devices. Only the sync-conflict files don’t seem to by synchronized. (I hope that really these files only!)

Concerning the referred issue #8114, I am surprised, because Syncthing signalizes sync conflicts in some situations. For instance, it shows “Failed items”. Are sync-conflicts different?

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