Synctrazor vs Windows Service

Hello, I would like some information about Synctrazor. Im using this software for many year now and right now, It’s not possible to find it anymore on the website. It been removed and replaced with the windows service, another github project.

I still prefer the windows application version and would like to know if synctrazor is still maintened Or if I should not use it anymore.


SyncTrayzor is not really maintained anymore, but it will still work fine with no issues in most cases. The other project that you’ve mentioned above is actively maintained, yet it is just an installer without any tray icon implementation, i.e. not really a proper replacement for SyncTrayzor per se.

On the other hand, Syncthing Tray ( is an actively maintained replacement for SyncTrayzor, however it does require more technical skills to set up.

If you’re just an average Windows user, I would personally still recommend just using SyncTrayzor for the time being.

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Thank you for your fast answer. I really appreciate it. I already redeployed one of my comptuer using that windows service and will have to migrate all other :frowning: that a lot of job hahah because I really love this product.

Note that, as all mentioned projects, SyncTrayzor is open-source. Anybody can start working on it and take over maintainership or provide their own fork. I’d love to see it being included as a third-party wrapper recommendation again, as it really is one of the most user-friendly ways to set up and use Syncthing under Windows.