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I use SyncTrayzor, SyncThing , to backup a specific “my documents” folder of every user on the network.

The problem I have is that these backups are stored locally on a local Files Server , but is open for anyone to view who has access to the Files Server.

Is there a way for every user to have a password / protect their files that are backed up.

Thank You for Your Assistance.

Syncthing is not a backup program. A corrupt backup would he propagated back to the users causing corruption everywhere.

What you can do (and many people do) is to sync these folders to your local files server and then backup them there with a dedicated backup program.

What if versioning is active on both devices? Even if there wasn’t any space left (and one sets a free space limit), wouldn’t it keep the old version? E. g. in case of ransomware hitting one device?

What if one synced only one-way?

One way doesn’t help as it’s all relative to which side gets corrupted. Versioning might work, but still, you are using a non-backup tool for backups. You might be better off just using a backup tool.

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