Synctrazer triggering avast

(Jon) #1

Just downloaded the x64 exe of synctrazer and avast has flagged it being infected with Alexa.51

(Antony Male) #2

Are you sure it’s flagging SyncTrayzor and not the syncthing.exe file?

(Jakob Borg) #3

Why, are we more infected by Alexa.51 than you are? :wink:

(Antony Male) #4

You’ve had plenty of false positives, I haven’t had any. Most likely due to the fact that you actually do useful synchronisation work and I just make some http requests.

If it’s you, it’s most likely yet another false positive. If it’s me, I need to start finding out where they got it from, etc…

(Jakob Borg) #5

Yeah, I was just kidding. It probably is Syncthing, and very hopefully still false. The Go binary structure is still unusual enough to baffle some antivirus scanners, it seems.

Although I had a brief moment of “yay, false positive on someone else for a change”! :–)

(Jon) #6

Not sure, it’s on father in-laws laptop. When I get it back from him tomorrow I can have a proper look. It would appear avast actually deleted the installation, all I was left with was a broken short cut. I’ll have a better look tomorrow but thought it was worth posting.

(Jon) #7

Ok so this morning everything went swimmingly well, a fresh install and no problems all is working lovely. I blame windows.

(system) #8

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