SyncTrayzor logging

I’m trying to get the date and time against log entries in the log panel of the SyncTrayzor window instead of just the time.

So far, no success. I’ve tried putting -logflags=3 at the end of , but that made no difference.

Have I missed something obvious, or should this be a feature request?

Just to add: SyncTrayzor displays the raw output from Syncthing’s stdout here.

What are you passing -logflags=3 to? If you’re passing it to SyncTrayzor it won’t be given to syncthing. There’s currently no way to specify additional command line arguments for Syncthing, only environmental variables.

syncthing defaults to -logflags=2, which will only output time. 3 will also output date (YYYY/MM/DD) and 5 will add milliseconds.

It would be nice if SyncTrayzor had the option to add command line parameters or add -logflags=3 (or 5).

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Oops, my post was meant to specify where I put logflags.

I changed



<SyncthingPath>%APPDATA%\SyncTrayzor\syncthing.exe -logflags=3</SyncthingPath>

in SyncTrayzor’s config.xml.

It was a wild stab in the dark - it might just have worked.

I find log entries without a date rather confusing - especially if the log spans several days.

I agree with @wweich that it would be good to be able to configure this.

As, strangely, Syncthing makes this a runtime option rather than a configuration option, it would be good for SyncTrayzor to make it configurable. :grinning:

edit can’t get this preformatted thing to work, edit again put in hyphen before option (see below)

The config entry should be:

<SyncthingPath>%APPDATA%\SyncTrayzor\syncthing.exe -logflags=3</SyncthingPath>

Then it could work (cannot test it as I don’t have a windows machine around).

It’s probably a command line parameter as it directly effects the output of the command and nothing else (syncthing itself outputs the log directly to the console where it was started (stdout)).

Yes, I did try it with the hyphen and it didn’t work.

That was a typo in the post.

Yeah unfortunately that won’t work. Raise an issue on github, and I’ll get something in.

What do you mean by “syncthing makes this a runtime option”?

He probably means, that it’s a command line parameter, instead of on option in the main/advances settings.

As a quick solution you could add STTRACE=asdf (or anything else that is not a valid STTRACE value) as environment variable, this will additionally add microseconds and filename but you will at least have the date in there :wink:

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I mean it’s on the command line rather than the config file.


SyncTrayzor issue #133 raised.

:+1: thanks