Synctrayzor.exe won't open

I have already opened it when I installed it and set everything up now when I double click sync trayzor.exe it won’t open

You may be better off opening a new issue on the SyncTrayzor’s GitHub page, however with this amount of information, it’s doubtful anyone will be able to help.

Please at least include your specific Windows version, and if it’s an older one, also make sure you’ve got .NET Framework 4.x installed. You may also want to check the Event Viewer whether there are any errors reported there.

When you completed the setup procedure, was that running as a different, administrative user account by any chance? If you open the installer as an admin user and let Syncthing generate the keys and initial configuration, they will end up under that user’s AppData directory and your regular user would start with a fresh configuration when running for the second time. That should not lead to the exe not starting at all though.

Have you checked the “system tray” area (icons on the right end of the task bar) whether it’s actually running and maybe just not opening a window?

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