Synctrayzor console error message?

Anyone know what this means? Windows 10 OS

Blockquote` [KVRQW] 09:35:26 INFO: - malformed InternetGatewayDevice description: no WANDevices specified. [KVRQW] 09:35:26 INFO: UPnP parse: [] Malformed device description: no compatible service descriptions found. Blockquote

I apologize if this isn’t formatted correctly, couldn’t find the format for code.

Syncthing tries to use UPnP to create automatic port forwardings, aiding in establishing better/faster connections.

This error means that something in the UPnP query has gone wrong, probably because the router in question does not support/allow automatic port forwardings.

Syncthing can usually work just fine without UPnP, so this should be no big issue.

Its an info level message.

Thanks, folks, that is comforting. I recently upgraded routers to RT-AX86Us from AC86u’s and my modem also.
That may possibly be the cause. thanks again, jts

Should I change the router settings to allow automatic port forwardings?
Log is still filled with these.

You can try, yet I am skeptical it will change anything.

Sure, the log has these messages, but they have no importance, so I am not sure what the issue is.

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