SyncTrayzor AND Syncthing GUI

I use SyncThing on my Windows desktop using SyncTrayzor. Recently I have come to know that SyncTrayzor is not maintained for about 2 years. I want to check out the original SyncThing GUI as a backup option.

To do that I opened the web UI as suggested but it is asking me for username and password. In the SyncTrayzor SyncThing options I found a user name called Synthingdesk and a filled obfuscated password field. I do not know the actual password.

How do I locate the password or use a different username password without disrupting SyncTrayzor as it is now?

SyncTrayzor by default doesn’t use any username or password, so someone must have set it to what you’ve got there now. However, you should be able to just clear them both inside SyncTrayzor, and then you should be able to access the Web GUI via a Web browser too.

Just for the record, what you see inside SyncTrayzor is the Web GUI. It’s exactly the same as what you will access in the browser.

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That someone must be the past me :rofl: then it should be safe to clear that or set something I can remember.

I read somewhere about SyncTrayzor doing something to the ports so that it can control it properly w.r.t. SyncThing or something vaguely so was worried it that was the case here too.

Now it is clear. Thanks.