syncthingmanager - Configure Syncthing from the CLI

Hi all,

Here’s a command line interface for Syncthing, for terminal addicts and setting up headless servers.

  • View and add device and folder configuration with simple commands.

  • Easily configure advanced folder and device options on many Syncthing instances from one shell.

  • Written in Python using blakev’s python-syncthing bindings. Tested on Linux and Windows 10 with the latest Syncthing, should work on MacOS too.

  • Current status: Alpha, I’ve been using it but expect some bugs.

All feedback and bug reports are appreciated!


Sweet! Put it on the Community Contributions docs page :smile:

It is also downloading syncthing? I do not want multiple binaries of the same thing

Collecting syncthingmanager Downloading syncthingmanager-0.1.0.tar.gz Collecting syncthing (from syncthingmanager) Downloading syncthing-2.0.1.tar.gz

No, that’s more likely the Python API for Syncthing.

ok thanks, I canceled the install when I saw that it was downloading syncthing. I try to keep my system clean

As calmh said, it’s python-syncthing, which talks to the Syncthing API. The other dependencies that may install are requests (HTTP library) and six (Python compatibility library).

FYI: I needed to to install the python3-wheel package before “pip3 install syncthingmanager” it would work.

Just tried it, apparently the older versions of pip in Debian and Ubuntu repos try to build the wheel causing a bunch of errors if wheel isn’t installed. The install doesn’t seem to actually fail (even though pip doesn’t make it clear that it succeeded). I’ll add a step to upgrade pip in the readme and try building a wheel for the next version to avoid this entirely.