Syncthing works, but shows "Syncing" non stop.

I activated an old computer that had not synced for 2 months. Everything was synced OK with the computers that where connected. Now on the old computer, all folders are synced and show nicely “Up To Date”.

However on one of the current computers I see this:

HOME-ASUS is the old computer (that itself shows that everything is up to date). This has been like this for at least 24 hours, without any change in progress or number of files.

Note however that synchronizing seems to work, no problem. How can this status be fixed?

Have you checked the list of folders that the “new” device shares with the “old”? Out of sync in this case could mean that it has not accepted one of the folders that you share to it. If the folder ID ever got ignored by any chance, there will not even be a notification on the old computer about it.

But the sync is working fine! The problem is in the status. Here is some more screenshots. On the new device here is the “Out of Sync Items” dialog

And and example of the first expanded:

Here is the status on the new device.


And the same folder on the old device


I can confirm that the sync works fine, even in the “Backup” folder you see on the first screen shot that is under “Out Of Sync”. I can add/remove files on both sides even in this folder, and it works as excepted.

My only problem is the status box itself, which shows in error 48% constantly.

As you can see a number of shared folder also have the problem with the status, however all still work.

Your second device is missing two folders. Do your ignores match on both sides?

Indeed they did not match. I made them match, clicked Rescan, and now the numbers are exactly the same. However I really don’t think this has to do with the problem (still stuck at “Syncing (48%)”

And anyway, this folder was only one of the 5 that show in the “Out of sync Items” dialog. All the others are perfectly in sync.

As you can see the Syncing (48%) is still there and does not move. All 5 folders however are perfectly in sync, and stay in sync.

I noticed that your old device uses staggered file versioning. Could these out of sync items actually be old backups created by Syncthing of the original backups created by you, because your other devices do not have file versioning activated?

Yes, the old machine on the two first shared folders, uses staggered file versioning and the new machine “No file versioning” on the same 2 folders. However 99% of changes happen on the old machine, so the .stversions folder on old machine has very few files, which I deleted anyway just now to make sure. The new machine does not have any .stversions folder. Anyway this did not change anything.

Also you’ll notice that the problem is created from 5 total shared folders. The other shared folders don’t have any versioning on any machine. Also, some have enabled file watching and some don’t, but all refresh automatically every hour.

Versioning shouldn’t influence this at all.

Unfortunately without a way to reproduce the problem, I don’t think we will found out how/why it happens. You can get additional info on one of the supposedly out-of-sync items with the following command just to be sure on both devices (replacing *folder-id* and *path* with actual values of your setup): syncthing cli debug file *folder-id* *path* If you encounter an error, first run syncthing cli config gui debugging set true

To likely resolve the issue, start syncthing with --reset-deltas once on HOME-BIG (respectively on all devices where the remote shows up as syncing).

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Thank you for your help!

--reset-deltas corrected the problem. Everything seems OK now.


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