Syncthing won't sync a bunch of random photos

Hello. I’m about to wipe my dad’s phone but noticed not all photos are backed up with syncthing. The actual difference can be seen here: Photo differences - Diff Checker

If you want further information about my setup, just write a comment and i’ll provide more information in this troubleshooting.

PS: I tried to restart the app and somehow force to sync again but it shows like all items are synced.

Do all of the missing photo files open without error? One possibility is that Syncthing encountered read errors and/or permissions issues preventing Syncthing from accessing the missing photos.

Check Syncthing’s log file on the phone and/or post screenshots of Syncthing’s web GUI with the connection details.

Those photos / videos aren’t defective in any way. They are in the same folder as other photos, have the same name, similar properties. I force-copied them into syncthing folder where they should be but syncthing didn’t accept them (probably because synced files have hidden flag in windows and those i copied in didn’t have the hide flag).

Anyway, i just did a bit of googling and arrived to this post where the guy has really similar issue. At the time of writting this comment, i already moved out the manually copied files so the syncthing folder should be in default state as it was before i noticed this issue. But now, after i restarted the syncthing on androind device end, it shows out of sync those 103 files i’m missing on my NAS server. I read in mentioned post that i should try to add flag “–reset-deltas”. Well, i’m able to do it on NAS side but unable to do so on Android side as the Web UI probably don’t have this feature / button implemented yet. On the other side, in this post a guy somehow found the button in the Advanced tab of Web UI. I was unable to find it.

There is a reset deltas button the debugging section of the Android app settings (not in the Web GUI).

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Right. Thank you, that fixed my issue. I was just disappointed by not seeing the reset deltas button. It is fully in sync now!

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